Cancer is the more familial, sensitized and protective sign within the zodiac. The ruler of this sign is the moon. Its natural house is the fourth house.


Cancer persons tend to be somewhat shy, retreating individuals. They are usually quite emphatic and responsive to the needs of their surroundings. That said, this sign can have some underlying narcissistic elements to it, which find expression especially in unstable charts.

This sign has active emotions in that they are constantly shifting, changing from one mood to another. At their worst, they can be cranky, touchy, sometimes aggressive. Its emotionality can make it a bit of a wild card at times.

They usually have strong maternal, protective instincts, a kind of mother hen. Family is usually very important to this sign. They are clingy and do not react well to disloyalty – they usually make bonds which they expect to last forever. Of course, they invest a lot of themselves into these bonds.

It is one of the more loyal, conscience-ridden signs. It is quite thoughtful, at least while all goes well. It tends to be rather conservative in its demeanor.

In aggressive circumstances, it is no less capable than the other creeper, Scorpio. It however, does not revel in its sting, and is more preventative. It can sometimes be too aggressive in protecting that which is dear to them, often unnecessarily so.


Unlike Capricorn, Cancer is more tuned to immediate physical needs of their surroundings, and is quite compassioned in this domain. Capricorn’s cold, unemotional stance can be a bit discomforting for Cancer, however it can appreciate Capricorn’s rather conservative demeanor.


Clothing in any capacity – sometimes in design, sometimes selling in stores, etc.
Cooking – they like to pamper the gastronomical needs of their surroundings.
Medicine, especially in strong charts with Jupiterian influences, backed up with Saturn
Real estate and related services